Verizon Black Friday Deals Bring You $100 Discounts, Free Galaxy S5


With the event almost upon us, companies and retailers are unveiling their deals left and right. Verizon Black Friday deals are rather interesting. For Android fans, at least.

The platform has been favored once again.

Only one offer is available for Apple fans, with an additional $100 off an iPad when buying a new iPhone. Apart from that, it’s all Android — though it merits a mention that the above deal is actually available all weekend long, and not just on Black Friday.

Android customers are only treated to these below discounts on Black Friday.

First up is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available for free at Verizon after a $50 mail-in rebate. The newest flagship from the Korean company, Galaxy Note 4 is up for grabs for just $199, while the Sony Xperia Z3v is free too, as part of the promotion.

Additionally, Verizon is willing to take $100 off all new Android smartphones, and this important promotion allows users more freedom in choosing their preferred hardware.

Smartphone accessories and wearables are to be discounted as well.

Do keep in mind that all these deals are only available during Black Friday, and require new two-year agreements. So make sure you move in early, if you’re game for any of these promotions.

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