Samsung To Release 30% Fewer Smartphone Models In 2015


To be brutally honest, this figure ought to be 50%. Anyways, Samsung, perhaps the most prolific handset marker on the planet is up for a little change in strategy.

In light of falling profits and declining revenue in the past few quarters, the South Korean company now aims to reduce the number of smartphone models it will launch next year. This is part of their long term plan, with the intention of cutting some of the losses the company experiences in this market.

According to this report by the Wall Street Journal, Robert Yi, the head of investor relations at Samsung said during a presentation that the company aims to cut the number of models in 2015.

The idea being a reduction in count of around 25% to 30%.

A company spokesperson also confirmed this information soon afterwards, leaving no doubt that we’ll be seeing fewer Samsung models starting next year. Which is a good thing.

A little streamlining never hurts.

Besides, the important bit is that Samsung has witnessed a decline in sales, mainly due to the rise of the various Chinese vendors like Xiaomi, Meizu, Gionee, Oppo and, of course, OnePlus. These companies are not targeting international markets, resulting in Samsung having a hard time in maintain share.

Samsung is on track to launch its new flagship in the form of the Galaxy S6 early next year.

The smartphone is said to be high on the innovation quotient, with the company taking a different approach to its design. We’ll find out whether it is indeed, come spring 2015.

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