Samsung Promises Foldable Display On Smartphones In 2015


There are some innovations that take their sweet time making it to the market. Foldable display is one such technological advancement, but it appears that we are getting close.

Getting close to seeing it in action in a finished product.

What that might be is still to be decided, but Samsung seems confident that we’ll be seeing these flexible displays on smartphones next year. This was revealed by Lee Chang-hoon, the vice president of the business strategic team at the South Korean technology titan.

Speaking at the Samsung Investor Forum 2014 in New York, he said that the company will launch a flexible screen that can be folded in half:

“We will secure production capacity of 30,000 to 40,000 [flexible displays each month] by the end of next year. We plan to provide consumers with a product that has a flexible display by the end of the year. However, nothing has been decided on the finished product. There will be no company [except Samsung] that has this great production capacity by 2016.”

Samsung has seen good reception for its Galaxy Note Edge smartphone with its new form factor, and the company seems keen on releasing a new line of products with flexible displays.

Interestingly, this promise is for the same year where the company is expected to cut its mobile portfolio by 30%, so maybe some big changes are forthcoming.

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