Samsung Might Launch A 13-Inch Tablet By The End Of The Year


There is an industry shift currently ongoing. An industry shift towards large screen slates. And Samsung has no intention of sitting this out, with the company’s big slate now back in news.

Rumors were circulating, a while ago, that the Korean giant was working on a huge tablet with a 13-inch display. This was when the Samsung Galaxy Tab S only existed in reports — however, the company only released tablets with 12.2-inch screens.

Since then, other companies have made some moves on the large screen front.

Lenovo has unleashed a media consumption device, the Yoga Pro 2 that offers a 13-inch display. The Microsoft Surface Pro has also been hailed as a popular solution, while Apple and Sony, both, are said to be working on tablets with a larger display.

Amid all this, Samsung is now expected to make a big tablet comeback.

News coming out of Asia claims that Samsung is ready to launch its 13-inch slate before the end of the year. Hardware specifications are not provided, but it is being speculated that this slate will take advantage of an LCD panel.

Instead of a Super AMOLED one, that graces the Galaxy Tab S.

And although the company has not announced anything, the company surely wants to put something on the market to cover the important holiday shopping season. Besides, these reports are not new.

A Samsung device by the codename of Warhol surfaced a few months ago.

Early rumors pointed to a 13.3-inch LCD screen with a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution, same as that on the Galaxy Tab S. Good enough for a 227 ppi pixel density. However, we’ve heard nothing on this front since then.

Interestingly, that was said to be a dual boot (Android and Windows RT) device.

The plot thickens.

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