It Is Now Possible To Root Nexus 9, New Process


You might be pleased to know that you can root Nexus 9, though the procedure is new and exclusive to the new tablet. And it is not exactly as straightforward, at least not right now.

But it is certainly possible, thanks to Chainfire.

The root requires an extra SuperSU that has been designed to work with the Nexus 9 tablet only. A version for 64-bit devices was, of course, previously available, but it was untested territory. However, there are still a few considerations that you have to take into account.

First of all, the CF-Auto-Root framework that is used to run the jailbreak has not been updated to work with Nexus 9, meaning the overall rooting process requires a few extra steps.

Four, in fact, which are listed below:

  • Enable OEM unlocking in Android developer options
  • Fastboot OEM unlock
  • Fastboot boot inject.img
  • Fastboot flash boot patched.img

All things considered, you probably should not venture into rooting right now, as most root applications are buggy at the moment. This is the first Lollipop release and is bound to come with some problems.

Expect refinements in time, though.

The Nexus 9 tablet itself is suffering from a few annoying issues, and it remains to be seen whether these have got something to do with a faulty batch, or whether the clicking sounds and screen light bleeds are more widespread.

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