Nexus 9 Tablet Suffers From Light Bleed, Clicking Sounds


Google has finally started shipping its new Nexus 9 tablet, but even though the HTC device has just launched, the first units are already suffering from a number of problems.

The highlights (or rather lowlights) being light bleeds and annoying clicking sounds.

Reportedly, the latter happens when users tap the touchscreen to launch an app or open the control panel. This results in a repeated clicking sound coming from the speakers, which is as odd as it is annoying. More odd, though.

Not as unusual is the light bleed problem.

A rather common problem on Nexus slates (the Nexus 10 for instance suffered heavily from this), where in some cases a halo effect is produced by the backlit display. This is very much evident along the edges, particularly on dark backgrounds.

Users are quite vocal regarding this light bleed problem, which from first look seems to be a lot more widespread than the clicking sound one.

The exact cause of these issues is currently unknown, but chances are that these are hardware problems, and may well be limited to a batch of items — the first batch or something. Meaning, this is not something that might be fixed with a firmware upgrade from Google.

Somewhat disappointing for a $500 device.

If you are yet to purchase the Nexus 9, it might be a good idea to hold on a bit until the situation clears. However, if you’ve received a faulty unit with these flaws, you’ll need to get your product replaced by using your warranty.

Let’s just hope Google can quickly address these problems. The company should, as this marks a new beginning for the company on the tablet front, being its first premium slate.

Fingers crossed.

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