Nexus 9 Sales Are Hot, HTC Bumps Up Production Capacity


While the Nexus 7 slates were a guaranteed success, owning to their affordable price, not everyone expected the recently released Nexus 9 to carry on with the same pattern.

However, it has proved to be a popular device.

Just days into its debut, and the slate is selling like hot cakes — HTC is already faced with an overwhelming demand that it just was not expecting and is trying to respond by bumping up production capacity of the Nexus 9.

This report has HTC North America President Jack Tong saying that consumers in key market are buying the Android 5.0 Lollipop slate in ridiculous numbers.

The Nexus 9 presents quite a departure from how Google usually does things with its Nexus tablet line.

Not only does it come with premium specifications, its price is comparable to the based model of the Apple iPad Air. That gets you the Tegra K1 Denver processor to go with a 2K display in a sleek and nicely designed form factor.

It appears that the hefty price tag is not deterring buyers.

Nice to see HTC upping its production capacity to fully meet consumer demands. With the holiday season upon us, the company just needed to keep up with the huge demand.

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