Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio Can Now Be Yours For $129


An important accessory for Google’s new tablet is now available for purchase. The Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio can now be procured from Google Play.

Priced at a rather steep $129, no doubt to match the premium pricing of the slate itself.

The listing reveals that although the folio is in stock, it will leave the warehouse within 1-2 days — that is if you order today. Best bet is that you’ll have it in your hands sometimes next week.

Color choices are rather limited, though.

Only available in black, the case at least allows you some keyboard action with your new Nexus 9. It also attaches magnetically and pairs wirelessly with the slate via Bluetooth. A single charge nets you up to 5 months of battery life, Google says.

But we all know that is subjective, and depends upon daily usage.

An included battery might have justified the price as it would provide the Nexus 9 with a little more juice. Then again, three figure prices for accessories like this are the norm now. Case in point the Nokia Lumia 2520 keyboard, and even the second generation Surface 2 from Microsoft.

Anyway, if you’re interested you can place your order here.

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