Nexus 6 Pricing For 12 More Markets Revealed


But we still don’t have shipping dates for the deluxe device. Google has put up the Nexus 6 pricing for several other parts of the globe, a full dozen of them, in fact.

The smartphone has been up for preorder in the US since the end of October.

Preorders that saw Google’s flagship smartphone being sold out within minutes. But as this report reveals, the company has quietly added prices and details on the Google Play store in twelve new markets, all of them important ones.

The device is available in 32GB and 64GB varieties, and here’s the pricing for both:

  • Australia ($869 AUD) ($929 AUD)
  • Belgium (€649 EUR) (€699 EUR)
  • Canada ($749 CAD) ($799 CAD)
  • France (€649 EUR) (€699 EUR)
  • Germany (€649 EUR) (€699 EUR)
  • India (44,000 INR) (49,000 INR)
  • Italy (€649 EUR) (€699 EUR)
  • Japan (¥75,150 JPY) (¥85,540 JPY)
  • Netherlands (€649 EUR) (€699 EUR)
  • Spain (€649 EUR) (€699 EUR)
  • Sweden (6,295 SEK) (6,795 SEK)
  • United Kingdom (£499 GBP) (£549 GBP)

The higher capacity variant in the second brackets, of course.

Reasonable prices one can say for the Motorola built handset, though they are just that. Google has not provided any hints on when we can expect the device to ship. If anything, the company is not even accepting preorders for these 12 new markets.

Unlike the United States.

Amid the silence, though, one can hope that the Nexus 6 will start arriving in the hands of customers in the next couple of weeks. Surely by the end of the month? It just has to.

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