HTC Has No Plans For Releasing A Budget Tablet Anytime Soon


HTC has a bit of a hit on its hand with the Nexus 9, with the premium new Android tablet selling like hot cakes in pretty much all key markets across the globe.

You can read about that here.

Long story short, the Taiwanese company needed this — while HTC has launched several new smartphones over the past few years, they just have not been able to support its business. As a result, the company had struggled a bit.

While HTC is planning to launch its own branded tablet soon, for the time being the company will continue to observe how the market reacts to the Nexus 9.

However, the company has made this clear that it will not be targeting the low-end or budget market, as that is not only less profitable, but also counterintuitive when you consider the growth and specialization potential in the high-end area.

According to the HTC North America President, the low cost tablet ecosystem does not make for profitable business.

The company has been an absentee on the tablet market for three years, with some even speculating that HTC has abandoned the tablet market for good.

But it is expected to launch new tablets in 2015, and judging by these comments, it is safe to assume that the company will focus on larger models. Maybe some 12 or 13 inch ones, considering the industry shift towards large displays?

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