HTC Improves Nexus 9 Tablet Screen, Build Quality


The Nexus 9 tablet has not been out long, but it has been in the headlines long enough. A sales success, the earlier models of this deluxe slate suffered from a number of issues.

HTC upped the production capacity of the device, but some of the earlier models suffered from issues like light bleed, clicking sounds and more. Rather annoying, more so when you consider that this is considered a premium tablet.

But that was not all.

Oh no.

Some Nexus 9 units also suffered from manufacturing issues like protruding volume and power buttons. I mean, come on! This made them not only hard to push, but affected usability too.

Good thing, then, that the company has finally got around these problems.

The new batches of the tablet are better — in every sense of the word.

As one Reddit user explains, the replacement unit he received has no flexing on the back, and the buttons are a lot easier to push. Better yet, the screen quality is superior too, meaning HTC seems to have managed to eradicate the light bleeding issue.

So if any of you were skittish about picking the Nexus 9 for any of the reasons listed above, you have some good news coming your way.

Little change that Google or HTC will talk about this publicly, but at least the new batch that is being released to retail no longer suffers from the same malfunctions. Fingers crossed that no further issues are reported, on what is a fine piece of hardware.

Fingers crossed.

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