Android Now Runs On 84% Of Smartphones Shipped Globally


If you wanted any more proof of Google’s Android dominance, then this report from Strategy Analytics might do the trick. Android led the marketing in Q3 2014, like there’s no tomorrow.

As reported here on the Wall Street Journal, Android powered 84% of the smartphones that shipped worldwide this past quarter — iOS came in second place with 12%, while Windows Phone had to make do with only a 3% slice of the market.

BlackBerry, if you’re wondering, is still on the table with 1%.

However, since these numbers are for the third quarter of the year, they are bound to chance in the coming months, as Google has just launched the new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 devices, while Apple has unleashed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

An interesting point is raised in the article, though.

And that is whether Android will go past 85% dominance. It is being claimed that the only scenario where Google’s mobile operating platform increases its market share now is by gaining some numbers from its rivals.

Considering Windows Phone and BlackBerry only have minimal market shares, this only leaves the iOS platform as the competitor that might give Android the percentage points to go beyond 85%.

Interesting, because this set up only assumes the current market, and share gained from users switching platforms — it does not take into account for people that are jumping in from feature phones, and those that do not have smartphones.

The mobile game is still open, and the developing markets will dictate where future growth comes from.

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